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The Difference Between Property Managers and Landlords

When you’re looking at potential home options, you are naturally instilled with the obligation to make sure you are placing the property in the hands to be trusted. Either a landlord or a property manager is hired to manage these rental properties. Have you ever wondered which authority would be more inclined and suitable to…

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How A Consistent Rental Experience Makes A Difference

Renting out an apartment or home can be a huge hassle under bad management. Most people have probably had at least one experience with a bad renter, and it can make the entire lease period a nightmare. At Reliant Property Management, we strive fo a consistent package of rental management, so tenants can know exactly…

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The Basis of Property Management

Property management is a service that is available to us all, and yet , it is debatable as to whether or not people use this to their advantage, much less are even aware about. Property management is carried out by companies that deal directly with tenants and prospects. They handle the tasks of collecting rent,…

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The Importance of Tenant Screening Services

The path towards renting out your home may seem long and winding but with the assistance of a property management team, you won’t have to go it alone. Reliant Property Management can take care of all the most tedious aspects of home rental. Chief among these tasks is tenant screening. You don’t just want anyone…

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Four Non-Damaging Decorating Tips for Rentals You Should Use

well decorated rental

Not everyone can or wants to own a home, and that’s totally okay. But many times, people believe this means they won’t ever find their true home sweet home. With the right rental property management company, your family, and the right decorating techniques, you can make any rental home your home sweet home. Many people…

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4 Spring Landscaping Tips for Your Rental Properties


During winter, figuring out what to do with your landscaping is hard to do but by the time spring rolls around and the flowers begin blooming again, you have a lot more options. If you own and manage rental properties, you know how important landscaping is for keeping your tenants happy and attracting new ones.…

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Keeping Up With the Trends: Property Management Tips for Newer Generations

property management

Now that newer generations are growing up and beginning to rent out properties as the move out of their parents’ homes, it’s important that property managers–including those who rent out apartments, homes, and condos to younger people–keep up with the trends and identify ways they can better connect with their tenants. With technology at the…

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A Look At a Rental Model That Changed the World

rental properties

One of the greatest things about America—in addition to (or perhaps because of) its founding principles—is that it is a land where ideas thrive. It is in America that an idea can transform the nation and ultimately the world. That million dollar idea can come from anyone, anywhere, and as long as it is watered…

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How to Be a Better Property Manager in 2019

for rent sign

Gone away is the bluebird, here to stay is the new bird—indeed! We’re almost at the New Year, and one of the best ways to prepare for our new year’s resolutions is by getting started early! They say starting on your resolutions in December rather than in January can help you get on the right…

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