Decorating Rental Properties: Four Tips for Stylish Living

By julia | September 21, 2018

nicely decorated rentalOur houses become our homes for many reasons; our family, our memories, but also—in maybe a less important way—because of our decorations and belongings. A teenager’s room just wouldn’t be the same without numerous posters on their wall and our bathrooms would be rather boring if we didn’t add our own take on them with cute decor. But things change a little when you’re looking to decorate, furnish, and simply exist in a rental home. Since rental properties aren’t always forever homes, we want to be sure we do what we can to take care of them. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do that and style it as we please. Here are four tips on doing so.

1. Get Passionate

The best-decorated homes are ones that are decorated with items people are passionate about. From cute art and movie posters to knick-knacks and trendy furniture, there are many ways we can express ourselves via the way we decorate, and getting passionate about this can make it fun and exciting way to decorate our rental homes.

2. Shop Affordably

With discount stores like Ross and Marshall’s, there are many ways you can shop affordably and still decorate your rental home in a cute and stylish way. Plus, by shopping at stores like these, you can do so without having to break the bank.

3. Be Careful & Thoughtful While Decorating

More often than not, rental properties don’t become our forever homes, and that’s okay. But, with that in mind, it’s a good idea to do our part to protect our homes, including while decorating. Opting for stick-ons rather than hooks for lighter paintings and pictures, being careful not to damage the paint, and using caution while moving furniture can all keep the infrastructure of rental properties in tip-top shape.

4. Get Creative-Just Do You

Even if you’re just renting for the time being, you can still get creative with how you decorate your home. From themes and bright colors to uniformity and simplicity, just have fun while decorating your rental home.

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