How to Find Out If a Local Property Manager Is Worth the Cost

By Tammy | December 22, 2017

Hiring good El Paso property management companies can be a great option when you have multiple rental properties to take care of. But how to you find out which company is truly worth the costs? While the answer to that question isn’t an easy topic, you’ll find that the measures you have to take are straightforward:

1. Start by doing a quick background check on the property manager in question, and if possible, talk to other investors and tenants to find out how that particular company is faring. Do they collect the rent on time? Are they prompt in responding to complaints and resolving issues?
2. Talk on the phone with the property management company’s representatives. How friendly and welcoming are they? Can they meet with you on short notice?
3. Continue by asking about special requests and jobs. How willing are they to handle flexible schedules and arrive at the scene to mediate the resolution of repairs and other problems as soon as they occur?
4. How much does the service cost? You won’t get too far with a company that charges too much, but it’s also not a good idea to hire the cheapest property managers without a thorough background check and inquiring about their credentials.

These steps should help you out in determining which company can actually help you. Ultimately, only a trial run can fully provide you with the information you need to find out exactly who you’re dealing with.

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