Four Non-Damaging Decorating Tips for Rentals You Should Use

By julia | April 29, 2019

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Not everyone can or wants to own a home, and that’s totally okay. But many times, people believe this means they won’t ever find their true home sweet home. With the right rental property management company, your family, and the right decorating techniques, you can make any rental home your home sweet home.

Many people are hesitant to decorate rentals, however, because they fear damaging the property, which could result in losing security deposits or paying fines. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of safe, alternative, non-damaging decorating tips that you can use in your rental. This way, you can decorate to your heart’s desire while also preserving your rental. Here’s how.

Tip #1: Stick-On Hooks Are Your Best Friend

For lighter decor, such as small paintings, picture frames, and boards, using stick-on hooks rather than nails is a surefire way to hang up what you want without damaging the walls. Simply stick them on and hang what you want. You can also use sticky pads and other tools to ensure the decor won’t fall, all without hammering nails into the walls.

Tip #2: Temporary Wallpaper Over Paint Anyday

Not every property manager allows you to paint your rental hoe, and even if they do, it might be too much of a pain to do so, especially since you’ll probably have to paint it back to white once you do move out. This is where temporary wallpaper comes in. Remember how wallpaper used to be the worst thing in the world to remove, which is why people often just painted over it instead? Well, with temporary wallpaper, that’s a thing of the past. It can be applied and removed quite easily, making it perfect for rental homes.

Tip#3: Think Versatile

When it comes to buying furniture, you want to think versatile. Trying getting pieces that can be used as more than one thing or that double as storage. This is helpful for rentals that are smaller than what you’re used to and for when it comes to move as well. You’ll be grateful for it later.

Contact Reliant Property Management Today!

You can decorate all you want, but if the rental you’re living in or the property management company you went through to get isn’t great, no amount of decor will make your rental home feel like home sweet home to you or your family. At Reliant Property Management, we provide superior service along with amazing rentals. Check them out on our site or give us a call today. We’re happy to help!

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