Keeping Up With the Trends: Property Management Tips for Newer Generations

By julia | February 15, 2019

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Now that newer generations are growing up and beginning to rent out properties as the move out of their parents’ homes, it’s important that property managers--including those who rent out apartments, homes, and condos to younger people--keep up with the trends and identify ways they can better connect with their tenants. With technology at the forefront of property management, there are many ways property managers can utilize technology to appeal to and better assist their tenants.

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is all the rage right now and shows no signs of going away anytime soon. Smart home technology can include cameras, smart thermostats, high-tech appliances, and other devices that can make home technologically smart. By installing smart home technology into your rental properties, you have a higher chance of finding and appealing to younger tenants.

Security Systems

While most people prefer to have security systems installed in their homes, they especially appeal to younger tenants who may be living alone for the first time in their lives. By installing security systems, you not only improve the safety of your rental properties but you make them more appealing to potential renters.

Online Payments

Almost everything is available to pay for online nowadays, and you should do the same for rent and utility payments for all of your rental properties. Online payment options make it easier for your tenants to pay for rent and other expenses, increases reliability, and decreases the chances of receiving late payments since many online payment options allow you to set up automatic payments so people don’t have to worry about forgetting. All in all, it’s a much easier and more secure way of paying for rent.

Easier Communication

Tenants prefer to be able to reach you easily and quickly. If they can’t, it can cause a lot of issues between you and your tenants. Younger generations prefer honest, reliable communication and with the rise in instant messaging--whether it’s text, IM, calls, or emails--they want a property manager they can easily communicate with. Become one of those, and you will have happy tenants.

Call Reliant Property Management Today!

This all probably sounds a bit exhausting to do, but by implementing these things slowly but surely, you can build up your reputation with the newest generation of renters. Reliant Property Management offers property management services to renters in the El Paso area that can alleviate much of the stress that falls on you as property managers. Give us a call today to learn more.

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