The Most Profitable Sectors and Reliable Companies to Work for in El Paso

By Tammy | November 10, 2017

Looking for good employment in El Paso? If you’re a marketing expert or chief executive, or you’re looking for architectural, engineering and industrial production manager positions, you’ll find the job market in El Paso TX to be extremely advantageous and profitable.

While looking at various charts showing the best paying jobs in El Paso, you’ll see a pattern when you realize that the top 10 best paid positions have to do with managerial work. Executives, along with marketing, engineering and sales managers tend to earn the highest salaries at $123k to $177k per year on average.

You can also earn a good income as a dentist, medical doctor, commercial pilot or postsecondary education administrator, however, and the remuneration isn’t the only reward here. El Paso is a city where there are many friendly communities, and your work will definitely be impacted by that.

If you haven’t started your career yet, and you’re looking for the best sector or company to grow with, El Paso can give you plenty of opportunities for a new start. The best jobs are provided by companies in the utilities sectors, as well as transportation, customer service, healthcare and technical support.

You can get excellent results by applying to companies like T&T Staff Management LP, Dish Network, GC Services, the El Paso Electric Corporation or the Del Sol Medical Center.

texas association of realtorsIf you are detail oriented, like flexibility in how your time is spent, work well with people, and are interested in real estate, you may also be interested in looking into a career in El Paso property management.

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