Simple Improvements You Can make to Your Rental Property that Won’t Break the Bank

By Reliant Property Management | March 30, 2021

The best way to ensure that your rental attracts quality tenants is to find ways to maintain and upkeep the home so that its rental value stays high. As a homeowner yourself, you know that homes require upkeep and constant improvement to maintain the property value and prevent any developing problems from growing. Having at some point gone through the home shopping experience, you also remember how much of a difference small details make when looking for the right place.  In a booming market—where renters search for the best property— you want to keep your home competitive and attractive to good tenants that will cherish and love it as much as you. As your tenants move out and you get ready to look for new occupants, there are a few and inexpensive things you can do to spruce up your home without breaking the bank. 

Consider the Curb Appeal 

You don’t need a complete landscaping overhaul to improve the first impression your home makes on a potential tenant. As the saying goes, “you only have one chance to make a first impression.” The same goes for your home. It takes about seven seconds for someone to form their impression about whether they like a place or not. Simple changes that keep the front of the home tidy and appealing, will make a world of difference. Take, for instance, repainting the front door, adding some planters or a small tree in the front lawn, perhaps installing some pleasant lighting in the archway of the home. In El Paso, many homes will have front lawn space with minimal landscaping. Adding just a few Southwestern-style plants, cactuses, or ever-green bushes will create a more homely feel for less than $300 or $400 dollars. 

New Inner Paint Job

This is perhaps one of the most straightforward solutions to infusing a home with newfound energy. Doing a little research on new color trends or what homeowners are looking for can give you ideas for bold colors that will attract renters. Even if you stick with traditional color, new paint breathes new life into a home and really becomes a selling point. 

New Flooring 

Changing the floor on your property is another affordable way to attract more renters. You don’t have to install the most expensive flooring either. A nice laminate floor that goes well with the walls and the style of the home will do wonders. It’ll keep your costs down and won’t be too much of a dip in your pocket if you have to replace it within a year. Yet, even if it’s not the most expensive flooring, possible tenants that walk into a home that is clean and has cute floors will make quite an impression. The market today offers a lot of inexpensive options that will upgrade the look of your home. Great options for flooring include:

  • Luxury vinyl plank
  • Laminate flooring 
  • Ceramic wall and floor tile (for bathrooms) 
  • Peel & Stick  Floor Tile 
  • Textured Carpet
  • Bamboo flooring 

Preventative Maintenance

This one doesn’t sound as fun, but it’s essential. If you have tenants moving out, take a moment to get an HVAC inspector to check the HVAC systems, water heaters, etc. They will identify any small problems that you can fix before they become big problems. The same goes for a roofing inspection. Once a year or once every two years— especially after bad storms or weather in the area— can be a great way to identify any broken shingles or potential leaks. 

Resurface or Repaint Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is a big draw for tenants. Many young families or older adults want a kitchen that is functional, modern and has all the necessary amenities. Resurfacing your cabinets or a nice professional paint job will transform the kitchen and make it attractive for new tenants without having to spend a lot of money. 

Spruce up the Garage

Does the garage look run down and abandoned. For many families, a two-car or one-car garage is a big appeal. Whether it houses the washer and dryer or is used as a shop or ‘man cave,’ the garage is still part of the home. If it looks like it’s infested with Black Widows and the door is dilapidated or broken, it can have a lasting impression. Even installing a few nice cabinets, painting the garage door, or giving it a good cleaning, will make the area stand out as an attractive space. 

Small Improvements Increase the Pool of Renters and Find You the Right Folks for Your Home

General upkeep and preventative maintenance will make a great difference, but an eye for detail will increase the number of interested renters. New light fixtures, a quick paint job, shutters, or planters at the entrance, can capture the eyes of the tenants that will make a home out of your property!

The good news is that the hard part is our job. Here at Reliant Property Management, it is our job to find and screen the right tenants before they move in. We have a rigorous application process and go to great lengths to ensure we protect your property with good tenants. 

Ready to get trustworthy property management to handle your rental property? Rely on the pros. Find out more about how we go above and beyond for El Paso property owners. Call Reliant today. 

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