The Difference Between Property Managers and Landlords

By otto | September 16, 2019

Property manager going over contract and property agreement with future homeowner.

When you’re looking at potential home options, you are naturally instilled with the obligation to make sure you are placing the property in the hands to be trusted. Either a landlord or a property manager is hired to manage these rental properties. Have you ever wondered which authority would be more inclined and suitable to your property management needs? We’re here to guarantee that hiring a property manager is your best bet. What exactly does a property manager have over a landlord? We’ve got everything you need to know. 

What are the Properties Handled?

A property manager is trained to work with more properties as opposed to a landlord. A landlord only ever manages single-family homes or small multi-family units. On the other hand, property managers not only adhere to the same properties as landlords but they also work with larger multi-families, commercial properties, and absentee-landlord properties. In addition, property managers go as far as constructing property portfolios, to sort and organize management history! 

Desirable Qualities

A property manager not only ministers a range of property types, but they have the key characteristics you’ve been looking for. Property managers are quick to assign maintenance and they are more than open to building relationships with you and real estate authorities. Property management companies understand the importance of having repairs done and they seek to build a bond! They are eager for your trust. 


Property managers are the third party between the landlord and the tenant. The benefit that can be drawn from their third-party stance is that they are able to handle situations in a more professional manner. Property and home-owners are prone to producing bad blood with a landlord. This dilemma is easily avoided by hiring a property manager. 

Confide in Reliant Property Management!

We understand how hard it can be to have your home or business real estate managed by a property manager, but we can assure you that our intention is to enlighten your home living. Take the stress off your back by contacting Reliant Property Management today!

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