Trends in Texas Apartment Construction

By Tammy | October 31, 2017

Are you looking to buy or remodel a new apartment in Texas? Maybe you’d like to rent out a few apartments you just bought, and you want to renovate them so they are fully in line with what the local market expects. The following ideas about local Texas apartment construction trends should help you out:

• Genuine wooden finishes and hardwood floors are in this year. The Texas home market is welcoming increased growth, and a lot of renters and buyers are aiming for a more natural design.
• New construction is leading to a more contemporary place. Architects these days are designing cleaner lines, and are focusing on an increase of open spaces.
• The glass and metal trends are also enjoying greater popularity. If you want your apartment to look modern, make sure it incorporates both in staircases, and blends intricate wood design elements into more solid iron and steel combinations.
• Elements that allow for increased ventilation and a more airy feel in the kitchen and bathroom are also gaining more approval, and larger open spaces are more commonly encouraged in those areas.

You can get away with a lot in the local Texas market, but these trends seem to be here to stay for this year and possibly the next. Flexibility and unique design is still key, however, so don’t be afraid to ask your contractor about adding your own unique remodeling touch to the project.

Once your properties have been updated it may be worthwhile to consider having highly skilled property management in El Paso TX take over the management of your investment rental properties. These companies are well versed in maintaining your rental property, ensuring future tenants are properly vetted, the property cared for and kept in good working order. These trusted companies are experienced in working with maintenance teams, rental agencies, and tenants.

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