Being a landlord in Santa Teresa can become overwhelming as your real estate portfolio grows. Maybe you're considering hiring an additional landlord to help you deal with more properties. You're smart to consider hiring help, but another landlord won't offer you the array of services and investment property expertise that you'll find with the best property management New Mexico has to offer!

Isn't a landlord the same as a property manager? While they do handle some of the same tasks, a property manager offers so much more—including more peace of mind about your properties. Your property manager becomes a partner that keeps your investments safe and helps you reach your long-time financial goals. 

When you know it's time for help with your rental properties, here's why professional property management is the way to go! 


One of the best ways to find success in almost anything you do concerning the property market is consistency. From small to large tasksand everything in betweenconsistent processes and services help you move toward your goals. 

The same is true for expert property management services and your investment property! Hiring a property manager helps you provide the same level of service for all of your properties and tenants. 

Property Managers Deliver Consistency

When every investment property you own benefits from property management processes, your properties become in-demand with area renters. You'll also benefit from consistent income month after month! 

The best property management New Mexico has to offer creates and applies processes for every aspect of the rental property business:

  • Property marketing
  • Tenant screening
  • Rent collection
  • Scheduling routine maintenance
  • Responding to maintenance emergencies
  • Providing financial reports
  • Eviction help
  • Guidance through any legal issue.

You don't have to worry that one of your properties gets more attention or better service than your other rental homes. You also don't have to wonder if your property manager prioritizes other properties over yours. 

Property management processes for your Santa Teresa rental homes make it easy to provide excellent services uniformly across every property in your portfolio. When you add a new investment property, your property manager makes it simple to "plug-and-play" the new property into their processes seamlessly! 

How do they do it? Let's take a deeper dive into critical areas of property management—where consistency is crucial!

Screening Your Tenants

The tenant screening process leaves no room for inconsistency. Your Santa Teresa property needs a quality tenant to make sure you generate a profit. Bad tenants become an expensive problem that no property owner wants to deal with. 

  • Choosing the right tenants for your properties must also follow the law.
  • Your property manager works with you to develop your ideal tenant criteria.
  • With those qualities in mind, the tenant screening process must avoid discriminatory practices.
  • Additionally, it still needs to find a new resident that meets your criteria within the law.

When you have a consistent screening process, your real estate investment business stays safe! It can be challenging to keep up with the laws that apply to tenant screening, but your Santa Teresa property manager knows how to make it happen. With every rental applicant, they work through:

  • Your pre-determined criteria
  • Credit history
  • Employment and income verification
  • A criminal background check
  • References and rental history.

Your property manager understands how the law applies to these processes. They also follow privacy laws to keep tenant information secure. These are valuable insights that help protect you and your properties from a lawsuit! Plus, finding the best tenant for your property enables you to make more money. 

Maintaining Your Property

Once you find them, your tenants need a safe place to live! When you think of what a landlord's duties entail, it's common to picture yourself being the one doing all the "fixing" around your residential property. More properties mean you have to be available to handle issues across your Santa Teresa rental homes.

However, investment property maintenance is much more than fixing what's broken! 


The professionally-run property management New Mexico offers takes a pro-active approach to keep your investment properties in excellent condition. It all starts with preventative maintenance. 

Before each seasonal change, your property manager tackles routine maintenance that helps your properties weather nightly lows of 33 degrees and sweltering 103 degree days. From caulking window seals to draining water heaters, your property manager schedules regular maintenance to stay ahead of the game. 

As your portfolio grows, you need a team of contractors to keep all of your properties up-to-date with routine maintenance. A property manager has a vetted list of vendors to do these tasks, on schedule, year-round!

In the Moment

If you've been a property owner for very long, you've probably experienced one of those middle-of-the-night maintenance calls from a tenant. A pipe broke, or a dust storm came through—and your property needs immediate attention to keep your tenants safe. Quick action also helps an emergency keep from becoming a more expensive repair. 

Your property manager handles this for you! Their maintenance services include a process for tenants to report an issue 24/7 and receive a prompt response. If a plumber needs to fix a broken pipe after regular business hours, your property manager has one on-call and ready to work—without overcharging for emergency services. 

Keeping an Eye Out

What happens at your properties when your property manager isn't there? Are your tenants following the rules and taking care of your single family rentals? While we can't watch everything all the time, property management companies have their ways of keeping an eye on things.

When tenants don't follow the rules of taking good care of your property, it can fall into disrepair. Sometimes a tenant might not realize the bathroom faucet leaks under the sink or the roof is missing a few shingles. Routine property inspections help your property managers stay on top of the condition of your rentals!

Inspections are not an option. When you work with an expert property manager, you can count on:

  • Move-In Inspections: We walk each property—inside and out—and document the condition before a tenant moves in.
  • Move-Out Inspections: When a tenant vacates a property, we perform the same type of inspection. During the walk-through, we note the difference in the condition of the interior and the exterior since the tenant moved in. 
  • Mid-Lease inspections: These are critical inspections for all lease terms, especially for tenants who renew a lease. We alert the tenant that it's time for an inspection. During the walk-through, we note anything that needs repair and touch base with the tenant. 

Your property manager understands that you lose money if the condition of your rental homes declines. We also understand that retaining quality tenants requires excellent maintenance services. There's no wiggle room when it comes to maintaining investment properties! Only the best residential property management will do. 

The Best Property Management New Mexico Has to Offer Is Yours!

The rental property market is competitive in Santa Teresa! Choosing the best property management New Mexico can provide keeps your investment properties at the top of their game and ready to compete. When you're ready to find a property manager to provide the consistent, excellent services you need, we'll take care of your rentals!

Reliant Property Management serves property owners in the Santa Teresa and surrounding areas. From screening tenants to maintaining your properties and guiding owners through the legal aspects of real estate investing, we do it all! We start with a free Rental Analysis to determine how your property currently competes in the rental market and how we can help you generate more income. Let's chat!