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The Difference Between Property Managers and Landlords

When you’re looking at potential home options, you are naturally instilled with the obligation to make sure you are placing the property in the hands to be trusted. Either a landlord or a property manager is hired to manage these rental properties. Have you ever wondered which authority would be more inclined and suitable to…

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How A Consistent Rental Experience Makes A Difference

Renting out an apartment or home can be a huge hassle under bad management. Most people have probably had at least one experience with a bad renter, and it can make the entire lease period a nightmare. At Reliant Property Management, we strive fo a consistent package of rental management, so tenants can know exactly…

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A Look At a Rental Model That Changed the World

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One of the greatest things about America—in addition to (or perhaps because of) its founding principles—is that it is a land where ideas thrive. It is in America that an idea can transform the nation and ultimately the world. That million dollar idea can come from anyone, anywhere, and as long as it is watered…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Property Management

If you’re like many homeowners in El Paso who need to travel for the military, you’ve probably looked into renting out your home while you live wherever you need to for the time being. That solution sounds simple enough; make money from your home while living in another city, state, country even but still having…

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